Hi, reader! Welcome back to my blog. I’d like to make a quick note: All of my posts’ titles are, in addition to alluding to that post’s topic, song titles! So-o-o, if you think you know the artist of the song that’s being used as the title, leave a comment and I’ll tell you if you’re right! (And yes, even my first post’s title was a song ūüôā )

Anyway. Happy Easter, reader! That’s today’s topic, actually–Easter!

Easter is a holiday that is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring. Common Easter traditions include:

  • Parents hide baskets of candy for their children. The kids are¬†told that the Easter Bunny has brought them these treats, and they believe in the wonderful chocolaty magic until a.) some evil person tells them it’s not real (how RUDE!) or b.) they “grow out of it” (bah! humbug!). Typical candies include jelly beans, chocolate rabbits, cr√®me eggs, caramel eggs, Cadbury eggs, Reese’s eggs, and chocolate in a multitude of delicious shapes.
  • Egg hunts are held, in which people search for eggs hidden¬† in strategic locations. Such eggs are usually plastic, and open up to be filled with tiny treats, such as small chocolates, other candies, trinkets, or money.
  • Normal eggs are dyed and decorated.
  • Families gather together for a meal, typically either brunch or dinner. A dinner food often served is ham.

In honor of the egg hunt tradition, I have found a (admittedly, very simple) virtual egg hunt! Click here to play it.

You can also design an Easter egg by clicking here.

My favorite part of Easter is-besides the family fun-the chocolate! I predict that my candy will be gone in 15 days. Let the countdown begin!!


Now, our book review. Today’s book: The Young Elites by Marie Lu!

The Young Elites is just….wow. It’s¬†incomparable to anything I’ve¬†read before, and it’s insane. The main character, Adelina Amouteru, is nothing like ANYONE that I have EVER read about before, and she absolutely blew my mind. She’s dark, sarcastic, and intelligent. She’s really rather terrifying, and she definitely can stand up for herself.

This story is incredible. I was hooked from the very first chapter. I had never read anything told from such a twisted perspective before, and it was such an awesome experience! I honestly found myself trapped between feeling sorry for Adelina and feeling sorry for the people around her. The story pulls you in right from the beginning and doesn’t let go, and you’ll be left gasping at the end. A gripping, dark, and wonderful read!

The only thing I wasn’t totally sold on was Adelina’s relationship with Enzo. Their interactions always seemed a little bit forced to me.

This is book one of three in the Young Elites trilogy.

Book Two: The Rose Society. (Five mind-officially-blown stars!!!)

Book Three: The Midnight Star. (To be released October 11, 2016!!)

Rating: 4.46 I-LOVE-ANTIHEROES stars!


And now, our song, which is one of my new favorites.

This is Hypnotic by Zella Day!


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