Greetings, reader! So to kick off my newly remodeled book blog, I’ll be reviewing Heartless by Marissa Meyer.

Now you may be saying, if you know of the book, Wait! That doesn’t come out till November! How are you doing this??

Well, you’d be correct. The book doesn’t come out until November. HOWEVER, the preview has just been released as an eBook, and I’ve gotten it! So that’s what I’m reviewing ☺

The basic premise of Heartless is that it’s a prequel to Alice in Wonderland/Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, telling the story of the young Queen of Hearts. *pauses in writing and squeals* It even SOUNDS incredible!!

Anyway, Heartless seems to be a well-written novel with a brilliant premise. Marissa Meyer is, as I know from the Lunar Chronicles, an amazingly talented writer with a true gift for making the fairy tales you thought you knew, her own. I can tell from reading these first few chapters that Cath (the Queen of Hearts) is a clever and likable character, and there’s a nice dose of Marissa’s trademark sly humor thrown in. And if you need convincing, check out these great quotes:

“Margaret had the great hardship of being unbearably unattractive. Not the homely-caterpillar-waiting-to-turn-into-a-beautiful-butterfly sort of unattractive, but the sort of unattractive that gave those around her a sense of hopelessness.”

“And the moral of that is ‘Once a goldfish, forever a goldfish.'”

“It’s just sort of snout-like is all. He probably has an excellent sense of smell. I wonder whether he couldn’t track down truffles with a nose like that.”

And of course, cleverly slipped in jokes and references like “hotheaded candles,” “rocking-horseflies,” and a cuckoo clock with a dozing cuckoo inside. Plus, you can enjoy names like Idonia and Whealagig Pinkerton! 

Rating : 4.98 so-crazy-excited stars!!


2 thoughts on “Heartless

  1. Wow, that is great. I mean, I don’t think that the Lunar Chronicles was the greatest thing, it had good and bad things, but the author can write and she did a marvellous job with rewriting the fairy tales, so we would recognise them, yet have a completely different story! Starting to get excited about this one! 🙂


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