Harry Potter and the Cursed Child 

Aloha, reader! Here it is, the review you’ve all been waiting for…Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! 

Three things you should know about me going into this:

1. I’m a sucker for plays. 

2. I am a completely huge sucker for time travel. 

And 3. I am the world’s biggest sucker for Harry Potter. 

But biased? Me? Whaaaaa? I have no idea what you’re talking about. 


So I’d been waiting for this book since I read about it…a year ago? Two years? It seems way longer than that, but as we all know, I have absolutely no sense of time whatsoever. So. 

Either way, I’d been waiting a very long time. And, because I’m, well, me, during all that time, my hopes for this book were gradually skyrocketing  (I think I just made up an oxymoron!).

So, when it finally came out  (on Harry’s birthday), I pretty much fell on my face trying to snatch it. Yes, I am still bruised, thank you for your concern. 

Anyway! I finished the book by August 2nd and it’s August 15th now, and Im  still not going to do it justice here. But here goes nothing. 

This. This book. It is beautiful. I can’t even. 

1. The characters. They are so perfectly done that honestly I can’t see present day them done any other way. Their futures are just so perfectly suited to them. 

2. The time travel. Fabulously done. Absolutely brilliant. I adored the way that the ‘change-one-small-thing-and-you’re-going-to-screw-up-the-whole-future’ message was handled, and honestly, my favorite parts of the whole thing were the glimpses into the alternate futures. Without spoiling anything, between “for Voldemort and valor” and Panju, I was losing my mind. Amazing. 

3. Delphi. ‘Nuff said. 

4. My favorite is, “I want another baby. Or a holiday.”

5. Draco Malfoy. God, I love him. And I loved that he was able to be a decent human being without losing his snark. Well done. 

6. Every single scene that Dumbledore’s portrait was in legit made me cry. Why, Dumbledore, must you always do this to me?

7. Even the stage directions were touching. 

8. No Luna. What is this madness? 

9. How on earth is McGonagall still alive and able to fight? Wasn’t she, like, 60 in the originals?

10. Read it. 

11. Seriously, go read it. 

12. Are you listening to me?!?

Overall, amazing and perfect. Go read it. The best tackling of time-travel I’ve seen since Emma and Hook in Once Upon a Time. And better than that. Read. It. Now. 

Rating: 4.97 time-traveling, mind-officially-blown stars


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